Back to reality

After a month long vacation. Now I am back home and it seems that things are the same at work and since I have already completed my masters, I am giving it some thoughts on what I should do next.

I have been thinking about this during the week that I got sick. Should I start looking for a new job or should I something else that I would really do? I would like to use the freed up time to learn new things and also make time for my hobbies. I would also like to start going serious with exercising as I noticed that my health improved when I was eating healthier and also doing our daily walks around the neighbourhood during my vacation at my friends’ place.

I started to feel more that the weekends are shorter the past weekend because I have been catching up on a lot of errands and also spending time with friends. Eventually I would also like to set some me time for myself. I am very thankful that I took the time off and it helped me re-energize and sort things out in my head. Hopefully next year, I can do it again as it seems that longer vacation time actually helps me recover.

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